Friday, 29 September 2006

My Terms of Use - TOU

FREEBIE Terms of Use:


All items included in my freebies may be used for personal and/or commercial work as is stated on the preview (CU or PU) provided they are not offered for resale in their orignal form (including recoloured versions).

This means You may use these designs to modify or create new art and or graphics (for sale when stated CU). You may not redistribute these items AS IS in their >>>original form<<. Do not save them in other formats and redistribute as such.

They may not be included in a similar resource pack (no CU for CU) or placed in any online collection or archive;
in addition they are not to be placed within any compilation CD, software or other media.
They may not be made into filters, tubes, brushes, nozzles or other current/future software plugins for free or for resale.

You also may not to use the content for any harmful, pornographic, or racial or antisemitic material or material that may be deemed harmful or offensive to another person.

Please provide credit back to EMS Arts and do not claim my creations as your own. REQUIRED FOR CU FREEBIES !!!
Please redirect people to my site or blog to download the product themselves instead of sharing the download links or posting the downloadlinks on the internet.

Limited Liability:
Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall EMS Arts be responsible for any damages or loss that result from the use of, or inability to use the product. Check for full disclaimer my site.

if you have any questions at all plz email me (link in the side bar or at the bottom of image).

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