Friday 16 March 2007

Site update

It was a good month and thank you all for your support!

Michel made a nice clip of my work which i have placed in my portfolio (at my site).
It is huge, so you"ll need a lot of patience downloading it

New work at my site:
Lost world - scenery gallery
No fun - people/children gallery
crusaders overview image - historical gallery
Blackbeard - maritime gallery

I won third in the time contest at 3D commune with "tempis fugit".
(still need to add that image to the seasons gallery)!

I was chosen Artist of the month in 3d commune bryce nook for March 2007 and interviewed.

I won first at mernac (see LOTR gallery) in the Battle for Traddlebow contest!

An Elven Romance was featured image in the Poser nook for February 2007 at 3D commune.

Two of my images are in monthly/Bryce gallery at daz for March 2007
and Blackbeard was IOTW at Runtime DNA.

I am very busy right now as a tester for a 3D store
as well as working on a bookcover for a historical project,
so new renders might be scarce the coming weeks,
but soon I have the passover holidays which will give me some free time

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