Thursday, 20 December 2007


My latest product, took me a a while as it's a large package :)
Savvy for Sade M3 by Uzilite at Daz.

This package contains the following items to turn Sade into period clothing
    7 x boots (2000x2000)
    1 x boots (2000x2000) to turn the boots into shoes with
    7 x breeches (2000x2000) for the bootpants.
    7 x frocks (2000x2000), two simple frocks and 5 rich fabric coats
    6 x shirts (2000x2000)
    10 x waistcoats (2000x2000), six rich fabric vests, two of them with matposes to
    change color of the collar, plus 2 simple unicolor vests.
    1 x reflectionmap for the buttons and shoe.

    There are no matposes and textures for the long pants in this package!

    As a bonus there are 4 neckties on psd layers (for Photoshop CS and one for Paintshop pro 7).

    In total 190 files!

    See the full promo images here.

    Already at 3D commune and soon I hope at Renderosity.

    Update: January 2008 also at Renderosity/CP!

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