Thursday 6 March 2008

Yorkshire Dales

None can describe the sweets of country life,
But those blest men that do enjoy and taste them
- Thomas May

And another new product. I really love this one!

Yorkshire Dales is a collection of seamless tiles and embellishments inspired by rural England, by All Creatures great and small, the beautiful books of James Herriot.

This pack can be used for 3d texturing, web graphics, digital scrapping as quickpages for example and paper crafting such as greeting cards and newsletters etc for your personal or commercial projects.

This pack is a merchant resource (read terms of use below).


56 x seamless fabric tiles, most of them 500x500.


1 belt (3600x672)
6 buttons (around 500 pixels)
4 bows (600x600, 2124x1968,1876x1780, 1634x1540)
1 ribbon (2400x125)
5 eyelets (409x375)
2 eyelets with lace (500x1000) to build your own row of lace eyelets, one clean, one dirty
2 eyelets with lace and knot (1130x1250) to close, one clean, one dirty.
3 paperclips (around 300x700)
2 labelboxes, one simple (around 400x 176), one with dog (800x540)
1 tag with ribbon (438x1359)
1 ornament (500x500)
1 frame with ribbon
3 papers 3000x3000
3 belts with buckle (900x230, 900x250, 434x780)
1 cat charm (490x530)
2 dogcharms (550x630) and same charm with ribbon as png or as psd with layers (576x1314)
1 horseshoe (1250x1237)
1 cat notepaper (800x800)
7 fabric patches, two designs (around 460x460) in color and greyscale
2 paws clipart (700x700, 1000x1000)
1 pocket with zipper (650x690)
1 canvas ribbon with buttons (300x2000)

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