Monday, 20 October 2008

Blogfreebie marbles CU and mini-tut

This freebie consist of 10 marbles in various colors, 109x109 pixels, in png format. Saves you the time of making them yourself :)

You can make a string of beads with these. Just export the png in PSP as a tube. Important are the step settings that decide how close your beads are together.

You can also make these into buttons or brads.
Import a marble in PSP, set it on a transparant canvas of around 300x300. Select the space next to the marble and than click invert which will select your marble. Clikc selection, click modify, click expand and set it on around 7. If you enter less the rim around the marble will be smaller, if you put more the rim will be wider. Now you"ll see a selection line outside your marble. On your layerpalette click new layer. Be sure you are on the new layer and than floodfill the new layer.
Place the new layer below your old layer and you"ll have a rim around your marble.

You can give this rim a metalic look with for example Bladeshop pro. (free trial and presets at the link). There are tons of free metalic presets around on the net. Just Google on Bladeshop presets.
You can also do it with Eyecandy. There is a free full version of Eyecandy 3 here. Distributed with permission from Alien Skin. If you don't have it, try it. I also love the dropshadow of Eyecandy 3. Here you can download a demo of Eyecandy 5 Impact which has a great metalic beveler.
PSP itself also has of course the bevel options, just play and try out a few things.

Here I made 3 samples (if you want them, right click and save as)

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Thank you very much. This is a very nice freebie.