Wednesday, 5 November 2008

CU kit Hanukah now at CSD and CU freebie

My Hanukah kit is now in store at CSD. At Rendersity and 3DC you can buy the complete bundle in one, but at CSD I have split the pack in two, one paperpack and one element pack. All for Commercial use!!

And if you make Hanukah cards or scrappages, here is a freebie for you! We in Israel eat Sufganiot (round dough ball baken in oil, with red jam inside and sugar-powder on top) with Hanukah. They symbolize the sacred oil that was left in the jug and that lasted for 8 days to lit up the Menorah in the Holy Temple, which was a miracle. I understood abroad they don't eat the same kind of sufganiot but they eat donuts. So here are your donuts :) CU as usual.


TitanThirteen said...

Cool donuts, thanks :o)

Anonymous said...

LOL. Okay, I read the first couple of words about soufganiyot and glance down at the image and wondered why it was frosted doughnuts, I don't think of those as soufganiyot usually :). We *do* eat jelly-filled soufganiyot here (NJ-USa), but at parties/events they often put out the frosted donuts also so that picky kids can find something they will eat as well :) But the frosted ones are prettier to scrapbook, maybe!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I just downloaded...and used the coupon for the 100 day of school mega with it (though your hanukkah stuff was .26 too cheap - I had to add something else to spend the $8.00 to get the $8.00 off! lol!)