Thursday 5 February 2009


Welcome to CSD Knock the door!

We have 3 magical Doors here at CSD. You just have to be polite and spend $1 in order to be able to Knock the door! Once the Door is open you will find the magical download link. Unzip the door you just purchased and find out the gifts that these wonderful designers made specially for you!
This is our first week, so we are making it more spicy and special, all items behind doors are commercial use allowed, they are bright new, just came off the oven and will be available for you in the store.
And we also have 2 (instead of one) designers behind each door!
So, what are you waiting for?
Doors can be purchased from February 5th to February 14th-Valentine's day.
Then the doors will close until the following week!
So, polite and Knock the door! Huge surprises, discounts in brand new Spring CU products behind 3 doors and you only spend $1.
You can also purchase
the 3 Doors at once for $3.00 !

The designers behind doors are:

Addie's Designs, Digital Embellishments, EMS Arts, Ivana Designs, KakleiDesigns and Twin Mom Scraps.

So now, choose your lucky color or number, be polite and Knock the door!
This way!

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