Saturday, 21 February 2009

Nadie For Nana

Irene made this lovely outfit and it hit the store at DDU!!!
And you can get it for only 5$ which is a steal!
For a limited time on sale!!!! Click here!

Nana will look so pert and pretty strolling down the avenue on a warm spring day.

Product (original geometry) consists of:
  • Nadie Dress with 5 mats
  • Nadie Hat with 5 mats
  • Nadie Shoes with 5 mats
  • Nadie Purse with 5 mats
  • Nadie Umbrella with 5 mats
  • 6 Hair Mats for Nana Hair
You need Nana (Daz3D) and Poser or Daz for this product (Daz3D)

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