Sunday, 22 March 2009

Black sabbath

This morning hubby took Sharon and Michal, my two eldest to the busstation at the mall near-by where they take transport to the navy college (Michal) and the navybase (Sharon) and he saw everything was shut of with yellow policetape and he wasn't able to make the normal u-turn. Upon checking the radio we found out some Arab terrorgroup had planted a 100 kilo carbomb there that partially exploded!!! They claimed they wanted to kill Jews. So stupid, as 75% of visitors to this mall are Arabs. Big tragedy was prevented. I have been with the kids in this mall a hundred times. Brrrr so close by home and so senseless.

and a friend and fellow artist of mine died way to young from cancer yesterday on sabbath
and she will be buried today, so I have a funeral to attend at noon. Life is not fair :(

And in the middle of this sorrow, I get Rakked by Berna whom I didn't even know is a fellow Dutchie and she send me the links to her new released lucky bag which is soooooo full
it took me till this morning (20 hours) to download it all!!
You can see previews here and buy it here

Thank you Berna, for lighting up my day. It is beautiful!
To all of you, love your dear ones, be happy and stay safe.

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