Monday 9 March 2009

Different challenges

When I am terribly busy, as right now with overtime at my officejob and lots of stress because of the financial crisis, all the preparations for the Purim holiday (with 4 kids) and making new products, I usually don't get to creating new paintings or renders. Don't have the time or inspiration. That's why I love to do challenges, they give me a theme, or a swatch to work with. The creativity is relaxing me without the headaches of inspiration.

I love the challenges at Scrapbookgraphics because they are so different. I never thought of using scrapkits for art. I make art from scratch and use scrapkits for scrapbooks. But to use scrapkits for art? I must say it is addicting!
This week SBG chose the work of Xul Solar.

And my entry, La Luna.
I was inspired by the many ladders he is using in his work. It gave me a sense of climbing (going forward in life) and reaching, but it is a trying and never quite high enough.

And another one at SBG is the Altered Artspirations #2: Fashion Statement!
"Fashion Statement"
We'll be taking old photos (or even new) and creating a new "fashion" for them, preferably outside the layer bounds of the original photo.

My entry, in tribute for international Woman's day!

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