Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Frameworthy March 31

This week's Frameworthy subject at Scrapbookgraphics is Robin Cracknell. Quoting:

Childhood and language have been the focus of my work for the last twenty years. I'm interested in exploring the dichotomy between the sentimental myths of childhood and the more complicated truths. With text, drawings, symbols and braille, I'm trying to document the perilous, inscrutable moonscape of childhood
: Robin Cracknell

and here is my take.

It is what I love about the SBG challenges, they take me to places I had "forgotten", subject I had hidden and inspirations never thought of. They are not the usual scrap-my-pet or my kid challenges (which is great fun as well!) and who says we should scrap and therefore memorize only the good things?
My third daughter was bullied at school from grade 2 till 5 by a certain boy and "misunderstood" by a certain teacher and despite my legal battle it took till grade 6 to have her removed from that horrible school. She is a happy kid now, but still...school is a taboo subject for her.

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admin said...

this is a lovely piece of artwork. as a mother, you did exactly the right thing. bullying causes serious, life-long damage yet schools rarely talk about it or take swift action. i am pleased your daughter is happier now.