Thursday, 19 March 2009

What I have been up to

I am finalizing several scrapkits for my store and all will have mini kit and add-on freebies. I hope really really soon!!!!

I have been home from office a few days with the flu and had some time to catch up my designer duties. First there will be a blogtrain for our new CU store DSH!!!
This will be my contribution (colorswatch on the preview). You will be able to download this free kit once the train starts rolling! More about this in the coming weeks!

The theme for the April collab kit of CSD will be April showers and below is my contribution, again colorswatch is on the preview. This is part of a megakit available for free with purchase at CSD starting April 1. More about that next week!

Than I entered the MGL alpha challenge here. I am planning to make a seperate scrapalbum (printed) from Michal's trip to Saloniki. Being inspired by the wonderful bragbook Diana from Blogdesigns has made for me with her friend (will show that off later!!!) about Michal's trip.
This mini-kit Discovery by MGL is a great choice for this trip! I wish it was a larger kit though.
The alpha is also by MGL.

Than there is the Altered Artspiration challenge which I love as it is so different.
This time we had to make a stamp and I chose the environment which is dear to my heart.

(You can sign up for the newsletter of Greenpeace here!

and than of the course the Frameworthy challenge which I absolutely love, because it brings me to subjects and techniques I NEVER would have found on my own. Especially when I am tired of work and have no inspiration this challenge always knows to pull me back in. :)

This week's challenge is our take on Mueller's perspective streetpainting work. Edgar Meuller.
And my take, LOL impossible in streetpainting but possible in paintshop pro!!!

That's all for now, just to give a sign of life. Stay tuned for more news on my new kits and tons of freebies!!

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