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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Facebook, bookcovers and free anime

First at twitter and finally I also did something
with my Facebook account I opened over a year ago!

You can find my latest products, artworks, deals and promotions there!

Find me here
at my Face book profile (for friends) - become one!
And my Face book EMS arts page (for fans) - become one!
And at Twitter - follow me!

Than I uploaded my Altered Artspiration challenge. I missed Tangie! I just love that challenge of hers which brings me always to new inspirations! This week's theme is a bookcover and I used a photograph we made years ago. Those rubbersoles are not staged! We photographed them as we found them and I always think when I see the shot, what happened to the boots? The person whom they belonged to? No tracks leading from or to the if he was vaporised...or abducted by aliens :) Read about the challenge here.

Furthermore Daz has a great deal! Anime uniforms for FREE!

Get to know 3D with DAZ 3D, use the contents provided in this bundle to create fun Anime renders and familiarize your computer with the "land of the rising sun." Refer to the video tutorials for help on quickly creating images today!


1 happy thoughts:

DarkPheonix said...

I just wanted to say your blog is great, and your paintings are beautiful!! *hugs