Wednesday 15 April 2009

Leonardo's machine

Frameworhty this week at SBG:
I settled on Stefano Menacagli at the Museum of Computer Art. He has 12 pieces on display, all under the title Art Via Photoshop. My favs are Time Machine, Nude and the Face and the Butterfly (no guff: kinda wishing I had held back on posting Jane and the Iron Butterfly under my last challenge, lol!) but there are other runners up. I know you all don't use Photoshop but that isn't the point: it could be Art Via Photoshop Elements or Art Rage or Corel or Paint Shop Pro or whatever. It was this title that grabbed my eye because it was so in my face.
I chose a piece of the machinery gallery as I am fascinated by his fascination for Da Vinci :) and who doesn't love Da Vinci?
Click to see the slideshow

And here is my version

Background from Tangie's Davinci kit, rest is simple Bryce. I missed Bryce!!!

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