Saturday 4 April 2009

Survivor cat

I finally took up scrapping all my cats of past and present planning to make this into a nice printed album. As there is a lot to tell about them, I am adding a lot of journaling into these pages.

One of my favorite cats is Joey. Him we found, a small kitten in spring 2006 in our garden but it was impossible to catch him as he was a totally wild streetkitten. When he got an eye-infection we helplessly saw him go blind. Than one day we found him bleeding heavy with both his front paws open and as he was finally unable to walk anymore we could catch him after 2 days, his paws horribly swollen and infected. We took him to the vet and he got vaccinated and had his paws stitched and bandaged, one green, one red glove :) We took him home and put him in a big cavia cage to get used to the family and the other cats. After a week we let him out and he was tamed and friendly and sweet. Just that day, as we were looking for a name for him, we saw that part of the TV series Friends, were Joey had that expression and Ross said, "oh don't look, Joey is doing that thing with his eyes again!". At that moment our cat looked at us with his cross-eyed look of his sinse he went blind with one eye, and we all knew..this will be our Joey :) Than one day he swallowed a hornet after playing with it and got stung in his mouth and his face blew up like a balloon for 2 days!
Today he is just one adorable fellow, our survivor cat Joey.

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Renée said...

I love this story and can't wait to read more about your cats :)

we have a lovely girl who my husband found in the road as he was coming to pick me up from work one day. we love her so much! She definitely has taken over the house - and our hearts!

I think Joey looks so sweet :) thanks for sharing his story.