Saturday 4 April 2009

Thieves - part 2

The Grandmaster is being warezed again at the same big site
(the first time it happened there over 700 people downloaded it!)
and so I would not find them, they named the zipfile and the title a different name.
Some of the people commenting there saying thanks
left links to their profiles!!!
and their profiles link to their websites
and gallery loaded with art made by warezed stuff
and renderosity page!
I wrote Rapidshare as well as Renderosity
and hope the link goes down soon
but it's weekend and it may take till monday.
Just the thought how many more will steal it.

And to all you pirates out there smiling,
you are stealing the food out of the mouth of my 4 children
in this difficult economic time.
Someday justice will get to you.

You can BUY this product and use it legally here!!!

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