Thursday, 9 April 2009


This is another layout in the hybrid cat-scrapalbum I want to print when I have all of them done. This is my cat Thomas, born in early spring 2005. We found him abandoned when he was perhaps 3 weeks old and had to bottlefeed him for a while (in fact we found more of the same litter, Bastet is his sister and we suspect the mother was killed in a roadaccident). He grew well and became this big proud cat. But one day I found a tick and within a week Thomas had lost perhaps half his bodyweight. The vet had him tested on feline leukemia, Lymes, feline aids and many more illnesses. He got an x-ray and many more expensive tests and treatments. Antibiotics, IV's, seemed to help for a while but he grew weaker and thinner and finally he passed away in november 2007. We will always remember him as this special cat he was.

image at Scrapartist

Everything Bohemian Art:
Wings of Love sampler,
Little dragon kit (stitch, paws),
Nature kit (brown paper)
Autumn Gold (brown paper, alpha)
Fix it for the fastener.

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Laramie said...

Your blog is beautiful and love your title sparkle. Lovely!