Wednesday, 20 May 2009

CSD template challenge

I normally am not so very fond of template challenges as they limit me in my creativity. I need to put my elements exactly where the template orders me to do so, but this one was fun. Got to play with all my nautical stuff :)

Photos: my daughter Michal.
background waves - Glipi Sea (blogfreebie)
topcorner fishnet Dreams fullfilled Seabreeze (blogfreebie)
bottomcorner pile of sand Damayanti- Seatime (blogfreebie)
row of dots:
seashells - Damayanti - Seatime (blogfreebie)
compass - Audray Enchanted Sea collabkit (blogfreebie)
fish - Damayanti - Seatime (blogfreebie)
Lifesaver ornament - LCM Voyage kit (blogfreebie)
compass - Eefies Maritime kit (blogfreebie)
anchor buttons - Dreams fullfilled Seabreeze (blogfreebie),
Eefies Maritime kit (blogfreebie)
fasteners - Bohemian Art fix it.
template - Twin mom scraps (forum freebie)
alpha - Holliewood What's old is new (blogfreebie)


lammogliagirl said...

Hi Elsina!

Saw your beautiful LO and was wondering if there was a blog where I could also get the fish net you used in the upper left hand corner? I'm only asking because you credited it as a blog freebie and I would love to find it too, I have a beach photo of my baby that needs netting and I used a bit of metal screen and it doesn't look quite right :) Thank you in advance for the info!

Elsina said...

Hi Anna
Here you go

and thanks for the comment!