Tuesday 26 May 2009

SBG weekly therapy continued


This week's challenge is to use a pet. This is a pretty funky gallery (decopaws) to get you started. But there are a zillions out there (please leave us a link to your inspiration).

This kitty just wandered inside our house two weeks ago, ate from my other cats' dish (we have 12!), jumped on the sofa, fell asleep and never left. I have no idea where she came from, but we all love her already!
At first I placed her on the background only, but later decided to add the journaling.

Credits, Anglo alpha byJust a Dream, everything else is Birgit Kerr (Lullaby, Decembermorning).

I mentioned SBG Altered Artspirations already earlier on.
SBG Altered Artspirations challenge focusses on: "Studio Inspiration" Someone just handed you $25,000 Create your dream art studio (or any smaller/concentrated view such as the desk, a wall, your supplies cabinet, etc) any size you wish (ATC, 12x12 etc) You could even do an "inspiration" board of "ideas" that you want your studio to look like! Honestly anything studio related will do! Don't over think it and just have fun creating your own space.

I thought long what I wanted to do with $25.000 for a new studio. I would like a faster stronger PC for rendering etc. and more space also, as my work area is a corner of the bedroom and totally overstuffed, but than I thought...I love my corner! More than a big studio, I prefer my muses to keep coming. The sea, my kids, music, my cats (you see the kitten on my phone...many times they have deleted my latest work dancing on my keyboard)...so here it is...My muses.

green backgroundpaper - Irene Alexeeva Applecart
carton box - boxes by MGL studios
metal fastener inside box - Birgit Kerr December morning
paintbrush - Tangie Baxter Studio Remnants
Vials of color - Tangie Baxter Studio Remnants
watercolor box - Tangie Baxter Studio Remnants
painted purple cardboard - Tangie Baxter Studio Remnants
woodie (mannequin) - Yorkbear (blogfreebie)
easel ) - Yorkbear
PC - Yorkbear (blogfreebie)
software -Poser, Bryce, PSP, googled
blue and green paintsplat - Studio MGL Awakening
old book - Studio MGL Discovery
red splat - studio MGL Secret Connections
carton piece on top and middle - Birgit Kerr Frontporch
foil bling overlay - Doris Castle Sunday love
burned match - Studio Flergs Helter Skelter (
red frame, beads, black inkt stain - JMCcarthy - What a mess
broken pencil, pastels, Kim Jensen - Damaged Goods
paintings are my own
photo of me at Portsmouth (inspiration)
photo inside the frame is part of my workcorner

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