Monday 11 May 2009

SBG weekly therapy

Frameworthy Challenge May 11 to May 18
Something a little bit different this week. I was reading this description of an exhibit coming to the Winnipeg Art Gallery and thought it would be interesting to try to find some of the artists mentioned.
Robert Indiana

Richard Lindner

Richard Hamilton
Mel Ramos

There are a lot more. Putting it mildly. So if any of the above don't do it for you, google is your friend. Our inspiration this week is Marilyn as Legend/Icon.
MM died before I was born and I never felt any connection with her and her fake red lipstick and platina colour hair glamour world as I saw it. This image however protrays her different, there is a kind of sadness in it, a sense of loneliness and being forlorn and I suddenly felt for her and saw who she was...Norma Jeane.

I put it on pink as that was her favorite.
Credit: Doris Castle ATC tags


And Altered Artspiration

"Altered Theaters..."
Create a theater setting on any size project you wish (ATC, 12x12 etc)

I was inspired by a famous Dutch quote

"De wereld is een speeltoneel, elck speelt zijn rol en krijgt zijn deel" by a famous Dutch writer and playwright from the 17th century, Vondel.

It means something like, the World (life) is a stage. You play your part and get your share. I symbolised this with Michelangelo's painting of the creation of man, the time ticking away, us being born as innocents, while Death is already at the backstage waiting for her part to play.

statue of couple - Kubevet
theater curtains - Ivana Designs, Moondance kit
tophat - Yorkbear
doll arms - Kim Jensen Damaged goods
mask - Eefie Golden Freedom
dress- Eefie
woman with tear -Eefie
God's creation of Adam - Michelangelo
googled human plastic skull
clock - Eefie
chain, zipper, lace tubed in by me

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