Monday 22 June 2009

Some jiddishkeit

CSD scraplift challenge

The layout to lift:

and mine: Chocolate matse!
That's Sarai, my third daughter :)

and DigiDare 138, scrap an emotional pain.

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This is a photo I have never scrapped before. They are of our granddad's family, his parents and siblings, who were all murdered in the holocaust. He was the sole survivor because he had left shortly before to the Promised Land. This is only one of the many grandparents we have with the same stories. It reminds me sometimes why we have such a small family, gathering at family birthdays.
It made me think I should scrap these,
as a tribute to them
as a memory for my children and theirs
of a family and history lost forever.

In June 1941 Nazi Germany occupied the town of Vilkeviskis Lithuania.
On July 28 1941 all 1000 Jewish man
had to dig a pit, strip and were shot.
The 2100 woman and children were placed in a ghetto.
Rosh haShana, September 24 1941
they were taken to the same mass-grave site,
stripped and shot.
Children under six were not shot, but just thrown into the pits.
The Jewish part of the town was leveled completely.
In 3 months, 400 years of Jewish history in Vilkeviskis was wiped of the map.

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Anonymous said...

You should scrap these memories as well as the happy ones. Family history must be remembered. My heart goes out to you.