Friday, 26 June 2009

What's happening?

My modem got fried somehow and then subsequently also the router died, so we didn't have any internet connection since yesterday morning. Fortunately, we got a new router (faster!) and a fixed modem and so, back online!
As we didn't have internet, the kids decided to rent Twilight on our cableTV-provider last night. The girls had seen it in the Cinema when it was released but I missed it somehow! So cool!

Comes the scene with James, Victoria, and Laurent
Says Sarai (14), I never saw a black vampire!
Answers Michal (16), So tell me, when did you see a white vampire?

And a I got a beautiful award from Karen - Kakleidesigns
Thank you my friend!

I am forwarding this one to my friend Ivana at Ivana's designs!

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Ivana said...

I am truly honored to be the one to get this prize! Thanks!