Friday, 31 July 2009

CSD color challenge AUGUST 1

use the swatch below (all colors)
use the sampler if you want or any other CSD kit for extra points
(accumulated points give you a $5 coupon for the store).

the swatch, I found this a real challenge!

the sampler

my entry, the incredible Jasper Hale :)

dark paper - EMS Clair de Lune
red satin paper - EMS Clair de Lune
masked paper - kakleidesigns burghundy champagne kit paper12
civil war scene - masked - Googled drawing
flag of the confederates - Googled
kepi of confederate officer - Googled
medal made from
ribbon kakleidesigns burghundy champagne kit ribbon 4
Kakleid designs Gems of the past bow 1
and metal pin from Kakleid designs Metalblossoms kit
blue ribbon KAkleid designs Gems of the past
circl diamond frame Kakleid designs Moonwhispers samper
wooden frame Kakleid designs Gems of the past frame 4
star on flag Kakleid designs Moonwhispers samper

You held out your hand,
and I took it
without stopping to make sense
of what I was doing.
For the first time
in almost a century,
I felt hope.

Jasper Hale,
Eclipse, Chapter 13, p.301

and as I wanted to use only CSD stuff, I made the medal of CSD kits, in this case from Kakleidesigns

small tut on how I did the medal (click for larger)

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