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Thursday, 16 July 2009

SBG weekly therapy continued

Altered Artspiartion, this week is has as theme circus. Needs to have the word circus in it and at least one star. As I really not like circus at all, but love opera, I decided on one of my favorite operas, Pagliacci.

And not one star, but 3! Luciano Pavarotti, Enrico Caruso and Placido Domingo, each performing as Canio, the sad clown.

bloodspatters - rainy days - Badthings (blogfreebie)
blooddrip - Claudya Scrapy - Twilight is calling (blogfreebie)
paperframe - Tangie Baxter - Golden Ocean
black white frame Tangie Baxter - SJD Enchanted artbox
clownhat - Tangie Baxter - Artsampler
round clown flare Tangie Baxter - Circus (blogfreebie)
red round stitch - Tangie Baxter - Fanpire
music checker paper - Tangie Baxter - SJD Enchanted artbox


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