Saturday, 22 August 2009

Sipur gadol

Writing to you from one of the girls' PC.

Today was my free day from work and usually it's the day I catch up all my work of the week, cleaning the house and in the mean time get to designing/rendering. Well, this morning my PC fried. CPU was 55 C (it is hot here!). I let it cool and rebooted and got the nice blue screen. Somehow XP changed the letters allocated to my 4 harddrives and windows couldn't boot nomore as it was looking at the wrong disk. I tried to repair it, but no use. Had to do a fresh install. As I wanted to reinstall the service packs I got a failure error (something to do that my XP disk is before the SR packs). Without the SR I can not install my NVidia drivers and antivirus etc.
Anyway, long story. I got it working in the end. Got my internet back too (Nvidia ethernet driver didn't want to install without SR either). I am still without my graphic programs which I need to reinstall, as well as my antivirus and many other thing. Right now I am backing up my C-disk to my external drives so I can format the thing tomorrow and reinstall again. So if I am missing for a day, you"ll know why.

Tonight we went all of us, with 3 of the 4 kids (except Michal who is at her boyfriend) to see a new Israeli movie called Sipur gadol (A matter of size) in our kibbutz cinema and it was hilarious! A great ending of a frustrating day.

Herzl (Itzik Cohen) is an overweight, underemployed chef living at home with his mother in the Israeli city of Ramla. Unable to find a job cooking, he becomes a dishwasher at a Japanese restaurant. One day he notices his coworkers watching sumo wrestling on TV. To Herzl, sumo is a revelation, an escape from the dictatorship of diets espoused by his weight-loss group. With three hefty pals in tow, Herzl decides to pursue the sport where his size is an asset.

Codirectors Erez Tadmor (Strangers, TFF '08) and Sharon Maymon (who also cowrote the script) have created a feel-good comedy reminiscent of crowd-pleasers like The Full Monty. The result is a sweet, touching, funny, and relatable story of self-acceptance and determination. Utilizing a talented and versatile group of actors, Tadmor, Maymon, and cowriter Danny Cohen-Solal give us a collection of extremely likable characters who realize that in both life and love, they'll only discover their greatest happiness by paying attention to what's inside and to the power of their individual spirits.

--Aaron Dobbs

Here is a good review.
And another one here.

Two up-and-coming Israeli filmmakers have taken a chance at comedy with a new film about overweight friends who take up sumo wrestling. Lets have a look.

"A Matter of Size" is an Israeli comedy about a group of friends who, after failed attempts to lose weight, decide to become sumo wrestlers instead.

Co-writer and co-director Sharon Maymon says his film is a protest against the "dictatorship of thinness".

[Sharon Maymon, Film Director]:
"I wanted to write a script about self-acceptance. I do believe that one should live his life the way he chooses even if it goes against the way of society. I really wanted to write a film about coming out of the closet of shame. So I thought that if I would use sumo, it would be a unique way to tell this story."

But finding heavy weight actors is no easy task says the films co-director Erez Tadmor.

[Erez Tadmor, Film Director]:
"Even the Israeli film fund told us that we needed to find people, that until we could find four large enough people, we couldn't get their support. We did auditions and saw about 200 people and eventually got to the actors that we went with."

Another ordeal was for the Japanese actor who plays the sumo trainer to learn to speak Hebrew in just three months.

Both directors are very happy with the positive audience feedback.

[Erez Tadmor, Film Director]:
"In Israel, there are not a lot of comedies there and it was very important to us to make a comedy where everybody would laugh and cry at the end and it was like a dream for us to make a comedy in Israel that works."

"A Matter of Size" is Maymons first feature film and Tadmor's second movie.

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