Friday, 30 October 2009

Digi Dare #153

Join the fun here.

  1. JUST 1 PHOTO of a new baby.
  3. If the baby is a little girl, YOU MUST USE BLUE as the dominating color for your layout. If it is a little boy, YOU MUST USE PINK. For those little ones that are hard to tell sometimes when they are so new (kitties), USE BLACK!!
  4. Messy Stitches…throw some of these little guys on there somewhere.
Here is mine (image is linked for credits)

One saturday in August, a car drove up
next to our house and a guy stepped out,
unloaded a carton box, dropped it next to our yard
and sped off. Inside the box was a mommy cat
and a litter of five kittens less than a week old.
We had no other choice than to take them in.
This is one of them! Isn't he wonderful?

I used a photo of one of the five kittens. I am not sure which one it is as they looked very similar back in August. Right now they are 2 months old and one can see already some differences between them. Two of them are boys, Simba and Oliver. The other 3 are girls: Bella, Couscous and no-name. No name has no name because she was promised in August already to a friend of Michal and as this friend for sure wants to name her herself, so no-name is waiting to be named, probably next week. Sigh, I will miss her so much, but it's for the best. I asked if the friend wants one of the boys too and she agreed, so Oliver will accompany no-name, so she won't be allone. The kittens still sleep all hurled together. Mommy cat Shush is sleeping outside at the moment as she is a little traumatised from her spaying operation yesterday, but she is doing fine otherwise. As for Joey, still missing. Day 48 now and I am growing desperate. I miss him so much :(

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