Thursday, 26 November 2009

75 Days without Joey

I just can't believe it he is gone now for 75 days, my sweetie. Still having hopes he might return and just wandered off, but it is so hard, not knowing. Please keep him in your prayers, that he might return soon to us.

On a brighter note, my new external drive came today, a Samsung one Terabyte disk!
I have two harddrives inside my PC (80 GB and 120 GB), bought 2 years ago a 120 GB external hitachi and thought that would be enough until old age. Last year I added another external hitachi, this time a 300 GB one! But during the last month, I had less than 200 mb on each of the 4, not enough cache for anything. So hopefully things roll one smoother now :)

Yesterday I bought the snacks already for New Moon. It will be here only on December 10th if I am not mistaken (needs to be translated into Hebrew). I just can't wait!!

Rest me to wish all my American friends a wonderful thanksgiving!!!

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