Monday, 23 November 2009

Back on track

I am back, returned to work also today. It turned out not to be the flu as in influenza, but the stomach flu, gastroenteritis caused by Campylobacter jejuni bacteria, which I for sure got from one of my sweet kitties, as I don't eat meat being a vegetarian.
No matter how many times I spray everthing with antibacterial cleaning spray etc. It still found a way. Anyway, had my first coffee again sinse last tuesday :)

I also placed a paid ad in a major pet-site here in the country where you can post a lost pet ad. I added 3 photos of Joey. Hopefully something is coming out of it. Also called the animal shelter (who only take in dogs, but maybe somebody came there trying to drop of a cat?) and they took my details and phone number etc. Also left a note at the Cat society shelter with details of Joey. Over 70 days have passed now . Pulling my hair!!!!!

Well the illness set me back almost a week and I must hurry to get my contribution to the December Seasonal blog train ready! Look what a gorgeous color palette :) Soon!

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