Saturday, 28 November 2009

Busy busy

Have you done loads of Black Friday shopping? Truth is, I didn't buy anything online. So many scrapstores on sale, that I was a bit overwhelmed and didn't know what to buy in the end LOL.

I have finished my new kit, a collab with Michal and I hope it'll be released perhaps tomorrow! I also made an awesome new free mini. Also tomorrow, uploading it as I speak.

My eldest daughter Sharon finished her 2 years and 1 month compulsary militairy service! She was a sergeant in the Navy. Now she"ll have to look for a job and decide what she wants to study. My second daughter Michal is a 4th year cadet at the Nautical college (Sailing) and has to start her compulsary service next year. She already got her first call up.



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Altered Amanda said...

praying for their decisions, safety and the peace of Israel.