Saturday, 14 November 2009

A new award!

I received this wonderful award from Karen! Now I am supposed to pass it on to about 5 others and also write down 10 things about me. So writing here ten things and I will surf for the five blogs later as I am suppose to take the girls to the movies because of Michal's birthday tomorrow!

update 26/11: I received this award also from Touch me!

1. I love my family.
2. I love my cats, all 14 of them and my dog.
3. I miss my cat Joey horribly who went missing 2 month ago and pray for his return, soon!
4. I love french fries with majonaise and ketchup and raw onions.
5. I love coffee.
6. I hate cruelty to animals.
7. I hate environemtal polluters, from the guy dropping his cigarette out of the car till the large petrochemical plant in my area.
8. I hate corruption and fraude.
9. I hate my job at the factory (QA)
10. I love my freetime job as an artist and designer at my computer and studio.

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