Sunday, 13 December 2009

New Moon

I finally saw New Moon last night with 3 of the girls. The youngest (12) stayed home. It was good. I think though, I need to see it at home on DVD as I found the laughing of guys and the oooh and ahhh of the girls in the cinema really disturbing :) We went early to get tickets and spend an hour in the cinemall, had a bite to eat. It was raining really hard when we left and we had to wait a while as hubby was stuck in traffic because of accidents caused by the heavy rainfall. I think the girls enjoyed much! They have a full week of school vacations because of the Hanukkah holiday!

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Anonymous said...

Me and my girls read all 4 of the books. We have seen the first movie and One of my daughters has seen the second. I don't know when I will see it, but I sure loved the books. :)
Thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us. :)