Saturday, 2 January 2010

Creative family day

Today I (together with Sarai) finally made a traditional scrapbook of Sarai's bat-mitsvah trip to the Netherlands/France in December 2006. I know I know. Fortunately I had made a lot of notes and collected a lot of photos, brochures and other things, all dated. And we still remembered a lot. In the mean time Michal made a calender with photos of her and her boyfriend, printed, for 2010 with 12 pages and a cover and it came out very nice. I used the new spiral binder and laminator and love it! Yael made a recipe book and wrote down a pancake recipe and made her very first pancakes ever LOL. It's really late already, so photos tomorrow! Hubby went on a fieldtrip to a nearby village to search for Joey in the hope he might have wandered of there, but had no luck to my sorrow, but we are not giving up! It was a good day!

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