Monday, 25 January 2010


Remember the five kittens and the mommy cat abandoned in our yard in August 2009? They were perhaps a week old. Now they are almost half a year. The mommy we had spayed 3 months ago, but the kittens have to undergo spaying now. Three females: Patchoulie, Couscous and Bella had to go first (we planned to get the boys neutered later, to spread the costs). So hubby and I tried to catch them this morning, in a half dark room as it was raining and they are ALL grey tabbies and very VERY identical. Anyway, we caught "all" 3 of them, put them in a cage and hubby drove of with Sharon and the kittens to the vet (village about 10 km away). Half an hour later I got a call, saying it's two females and one boy hahaha.So need to wait till late afternoon until we can pick them up again and than bring the missing female. I finally found her (Couscous), while one of the two boys (Simba and Oliver) has been sleeping all morning. Poor guy who is being "helped" as I write instead of his sister.

And a sad sidenote, one of my mom's 3 cats, a black (neutered) male named Spencer is missing since last Friday and she doesn't think he"ll return and is very upset about it. Our own Joey has now been missing for 134 days and still no sign :( Cats.....

about a month old

four months old

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