Sunday, 31 January 2010

Starting week 5

On Friday I had all kinda things to sort out, worked a little on our CSD relief for Haiti megakit, got Sarai a new pair of Allstars and more. My mom came over, I helped Michal making a card for her anniversary and than we got ready for shabbat. Ah and I bought 3 packs of M leplume II markers and a Cutterbee scissors at Ebay!

On Shabbat morning hubby held a service for Tubishvat in the Synagogue and afterwards we were invited to a barbeque birthday party at the poolside. Now it is JANUARY so the pool is empty (no water) and it was cold and windy, but my brother in law didn't want the fuss of all the family over at his place (my other brother in law has 2 todlers), so he wanted it at the poolside. Plus the fact that all of us are vegetarians and the fact that it was cold, wasn't helping to get me enthusiastic to go, but I went. In the afternoon I felt a cold coming up though and I went to bed early with a sore throat.

This morning it felt better so I went to work at the office at 8:00. Michal returned to boardingschool and the Sarai and Yael went back to school in the kibbutz. Worked till 15:15, came home and have worked sinse on my Haiti relief products, one CU and one PU minikit (hubby made dinner). The kit will be released tomorrow! So hopefully tomorrow I"ll have time and can scrap my week 4 layout which I still haven't got done!

Michal and hubby


the food (I didn't photograph the other barbeque with the meat..behhh).

the kids

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