Sunday, 10 January 2010

Week 2

I really planned to get my 52 weeks scrapped and I am only a few days late with week 1 lol, but I did it! Here I used the lovely kit amor criollo by Kakleidesigns.

Week 2 was crazy busy as usual. I took Sarai to the mall after work (I work five days a week fulltime), to get new sportshoes which is a daytime job in itself as she doesn't like anything or nothing fits etc. Teenagers!! Two days later I took Michal and Yael to the mall to get a winterjacket. We had lovely warm weather today, 25 Celcius, but we are planning a trip abroad end of March and there it might be cold and none of them has a winterjacket as they don't need them here. Luckily the girls are much easier and we found nice jackets in the first store we entered. Also got a pair of good walkingshoes for the trip! We had to take one of the cats, Bettie, to the vet for a gum-infection and she got antibiotics. I bought Michal Windows 7 and installed it. And I ordered a new pair of sofas as my cats scratched the ones we had completely to pieces (and we got those sofas only 2 years ago - sigh). Friday (my free day) I cleaned out the kitchen all morning! Yesterday I worked with Michal on her hybrid scrapalbum. In the little free time left I worked on my new kit. And today is Ben's memorial day, Yahrzeit. My only son would have been 18 years today had he lived. May his memory be of blessing.

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