Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A 100 cards for Margaret

Lacey wrote this on her blog:

My good friend Terry has asked me if I could help her collect 100 cards for her Aunt's 100th Birthday!! Her birthday is on April 4th (Easter Sunday).

Wouldn't that be such a great way to celebrate such a wonderful birthday?!

Oh, the things she has seen in her 100 years! Can you imagine growing up without TV's, computers, or cars!! She learned how to drive when she was 12 on a Model T Ford! She was married during the depression.

Margaret recently fell a few months ago, so she is having a little harder time getting around. But that hasn't stopped her from doing the dishes every night!! She is almost 100% self sufficient. That's what I want to be like if I live to my 100th birthday!!

Anyway, if you would like to send Margaret a card, please email me at LaceySoLiving@bellsouth.net and I will give you her address. She lives with my friend Terry, so Terry will keep track of all of the cards that are received by Saturday, April 3rd.

I just send my card today! If you want to send her one as well, read the info above and lets make it a 100 cards at least for a very special birthday!

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Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Elsina:
Thanks for visiting Brynwood, joining my blog and commenting. Thanks for adding my giveaway to your list, too!

I love meeting new people...and you make ATCs, too! Perhaps we can trade some time?

I've joined your followers and look forward to getting to know you better in 2010!

Good luck in the drawings!