Thursday, 25 February 2010

Week 8 to remember

Sunday we went back to work and school. Monday nothing big happened. Tuesday Michal came home for a few hours. Wednesday we took Bettie again to the vet because she still had trouble eating. Last month we took her also [ I was sure she had some chickenbone or something stuck between her teeth] and the vet said she had a gum infection and gave her antibiotics. I didn't see any improvement and the poor thing really had trouble eating, got bad moods, apatic moods, drooling and in the end she was bleeding from her mouth back she went and this time I demanded he give her some anestetics so he could really check her out well and so he did. They did an aids-test to be sure the bleeding gums is not aids. The vet said the problem was a growth in her mouth! They cut it away and she was bleeding really bad. They send a little part of this thing for a biopsy and I really hope it is ok! Bettie seems to be in better spirits today though, allthough she ran off as soon as the anastetics worked out.
Thursday today and today the kids are free from school they have Purim vacation. Yesterday some little religious boys of a neighbouring village came to our kibbutz to hand out "misloah manot", traditionally a purim basket with foods in it which we hand out to people as presents. That was so sweet!! Tomorrow, friday, the kids have to dress up in costume before entering the schoolbus and they are all excited already :) Sunday is the real holiday of Purim, so they got sunday and monday of too.
For me today was the last day in the office this week and my weekend started! Yay! So hopefully time tomorrow to scrap all this in my P52 week 8 layout!


Bettie after operation

Sweet little boy misloah manot

waterfountain backyard today

Yael's homemade Hermione purim outfit

Sarai's prisoner outfit (watch this 'iron' chains and ball!)

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Snowsmoon said...

What an adventure...tfs and Can't wait to see your layout. Have a great weekend and I will be watching for your layout.