Thursday, 18 February 2010

Week seven - part two

More notes to remember for my P365 project.

It is weekend for me! Friday and saturday I don't work [our workweek starts sundays]. So hopefully I have some time tomorrow to pack up some projects I am working on and get a new freebie zipped up.
Michal came home from boardingschool today as she got a long weekend and had her driving lesson today from home instead of school. Yesterday she had a running competition and her group won third place.
Today my prima flowers came which I had bought on Ebay and Michal's pictures from school came which I had ordered at Shutterfly. Michal is scrapping her schoolbooks the traditional scrapbook way with paper and glue and it's really becoming very nice!
And..........I ordered a new camera!! I wanted the Canon rebel but it's between 2500 and 4000 shekels here [1000 something dollars] and I still got to learn a lot on shutterspeed and aperture on the Canon I have right now [powershot]. I just wanted to replace it as it's got a ton of noise lately, even on the lowest ISO. So I opted for a little bit bigger than my 8 megapixel one and got a 10.5 megapixel Fuji S-1500, which got really some good reviews and I got it for only 749 shekels (202 dollars). I could have ordered it from abroad for 170 dollars or less even, but than the customs would have kept it here and demand another 50 dollars or so on customs.

chocolade balls Sarai made to hand out in her class at her birthday

running competition

Michal taking driving lessons

My new camera

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