Monday, 15 February 2010

Week seven

To remember.

The week started bad. Sunday morning we had to get back to work and school. My assistant didn't work that day and had not let me knowin advance. Michal dropped her cellular phone (third generation Sony Ericson) in a cab to school. Half an hour later the sim-card was already out of the phone or it was shut off, because when I called it went straigth to voicemail. I left a message but the person who found it has other plans with the phone apparantly. So now we need to get her a new one, so she can call home from boardingschool. I still have to pay half a year more for the one she lost. Last week Yael broke her laptopscreen (not the glass, but the LCD or whatever inside). Mind you, we are talking about a 8-month old laptop which she got with her bat-mitswa. Sigh.
Oh well, I hope tomorrow I get some of my craft supplies, I bought on Ebay from USA (Prima flowers, die cuts etc.). I can't get anything in the area where we live.
As for the weather, we had planned to go to the Hermon mountains this weekend to celebrate Sarai's birthday in the snow (but we didn't have a car. In a kibbutz cars are communal property and you must reserve one, which we did, but still..there was no car available in the weekend, large enough for a family of six), but the weather changed drastically and there was 31 Celcius predicted for today!! I went to work in short sleeves. How weird this winter is.
So yes, Sarai is 15 today!! She bought herself a nice compact JVC camcorder with the money we gave her, and the grandparents gave her and she is very happy with it!
So here some photos of the week thus far and hopefully it only gets better !

breakfast, oats with banana and coffee

my front garden

beautiful blooming tree

one of our "guest" cats, Lucifer (or Van Gogh, as he is missing an ear) who usually lays on the roof of our shed. He is such a sweet soul. Here I just told him a funny joke...

birthday girl


Snowsmoon said...

wow...I hope that things go better for you the rest of the week. And I so hope the craft things get there on time so that you can relax and create.

Hugs for you!
Dawn aka Snowsmoon

Karen Kleiman said...

woww, there was such a long time I didn't come to your blog, you have so many beauties my friend, but you worry too much, you must stop worring that much, you are amazing, you are talented, you have 4 beautiful daughters, so stop worrying too much...hahaha, OBTW, I have an award 4U in my blog,. love ya.

Artful Amanda said...

bless you. I mean that- blessings to you. I know what a day like that is like...and it takes a decision to move on. I think your garden is just beautiful. I miss having a garden. And wow- to go to Hermon..that is something my dh and I only dream about... so, see, there is a blessing you have! :)