Friday, 12 March 2010

End of week 10

I know I know...I didn't scrap week 9. Promise I will do it soon. And scrap page 10 too :)
I have been so busy. I painted the door and sidelights of the entrance door both sides, a lovely dark green. Than I got a pair of electricians coming over to fix something and both touched the freshly painted door a thousand times and than with the green fingers touched my white wall and did much damage. I fixed it temporarily but when it's all dry I will have to sand some areas and repaint it. Photos soon. Than I rearranged the master bedroom. Took the bookcase from the corner and added it to my craftcorner. I still need to take the photographs from the camera. So I haven't had time for scrapping, cards or designing and in two weeks we"ll go abroad for ten days, so still got a lot of arranging to do. Our eldest will stay home and watch over the dog and catfamily!

Furthermore I got my new reading glasses (have seen the optimetrist last friday). And I got a beautiful card from Holly! Isn't it gorgeous! Thanks so much Holly!

And I got an award from Rose (Touch me) from Scrapmania! Thank you so much! So sorry I didn't have time to post it earlier and find 12 people to forward it to! So hereby I forward it to all your wonderful bloggers. I met so many new beautiful gorgeous inspiring blogs in the last few weeks. Each of them deserves an award.

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