Monday, 8 March 2010

A spring garden

It was a wonderful warm day, over 30 Celcius (95 F?) and also tomorrow they predict 31 C. Tonight it will be 21 C which is warm for this time of year.

I got a lovely present at work because of "women day" and I received 3 parcels in the post (stuff from Ebay as Stazon, ribbons and Marvy le plumes which I can't buy here) so doing a happy dance!

I have been searching all over for two wood applique overlays for the revamping of our baby diaperchange dresser (custom made for us from pine and a meter wide and high, 22 years ago!) for the two doors, but none of the sellers at Ebay wants to ship them internationally. Perhaps I can find some in the Netherlands during our vacation in April. I have searched the DIY stores as ACE and Homecentre here but they don't have them. They didn't even know what I ment as I explained it to them! That's one of the things I find frustrating of living here.

But it was a good day, so I"ll end my post with something positive. Here are the garden photos I promised in my last post. I just love the colors! My mom is also growing organic veggies in her garden and balcony!


Janelle Stollfus said...

Elsina! Your artwork is oustanding! I wish I had the patience to work like that. Thank you for stopping by my blog, so I can come and see the beautiful flowers, waterfalls and your artwork.

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Elsina, the flowers and the waterfall are so beautiful. Such an amazing country you live in! For your overlays have you thought of LOWES or HOME DEPOT on line. I don't know if they would have them, but it wouldn't hurt to look. Hope you're having a great week,

Elsina said...

Thank you both! Debra I checked them both, Homedepot says the following: offers a limited selection of its products for shipment to Alaska and Hawaii. Lowes does but it's complicated. You must mail them first etc, you can't just shop online. I have found somebody at Etsy though that ships abroad so hopefully that will work! Thanks for the tips though, those two stores are awesome, wish we had them here :)

Unknown said...

Just found your blog! It is beautiful. Your artwork is amazing and I love the photo collage in this post. I am also a cat lover. It makes me so sad to see your little missing baby. This has happened to me only once, and I have never stopped wondering.....

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling, your blog is bursting at the seams with beauty, colour, originality and loveliness. Glad I stumbled upon it.