Sunday, 7 March 2010

Week 10 - March 6 2010

We came already to week ten (I still need to scrap week nine!). Friday was a day at home, cleaned up emails, did other small projects, cleaning the house etc. My mother came, Michal photographed her garden (pictures later), in the evening the shabbat meal. Michal went to see Avatar again with her sweetheart and his family and went home with them, close to the sea of Gallilee. On shabbat morning we left home around 8.00 in the morning and drove there to pick her up for the trip we had planned for the day. We had planned this for Sarai's birthday on February 15th but we didn't have a car available than (we have communal cars in the kibbutz, which you have to reserve in advance).
First we drove to the Tanur (oven) waterfall in the North. In fact there are 4 waterfalls (tanur, the mill, the Ayun and I forgot the last one), placed on a sceninc walking route. After this hike we had breakfast. From there we drove to the Sa'ar waterfall. We had lunch at McDonalds (choice of Sarai as it was her birthday trip) and were back home by 16.00
It was beautiful weather too and we photographed a ton of wildflowers. I remembered we visited Mount Hermon and the Sa'ar waterfall last year in end of February, so some 53 weeks ago and the weather was fierce than, with rain and snow on Hermon!

Tanur waterfall

under the waterfall

last waterfall in the tanur hike

Sa'ar waterfall

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