Wednesday, 14 April 2010

2010 - week 15 renovations

Sunday it was back to work/school for us after our trip. Monday was Holocaust memorial day. Tuesday Michal came for an hour home from boardingschool, which is always fun. I finished my layout for week 13. Wednesday a busy day at the office.

I finished repainting the blue entrance door into a nice dark forest green one and we took out the cat litter box there and placed a nice bench with wicker drawers for gloves and scarves etc. The door has sidelights on both sides with 8 milkglass windows in it -which I hate. Right now it's too expensive to replace them, so thinking what to do about milkglass. Perhaps etch-paint something on it. As for now I hung some curtains at the inside to hide them.



after (the white is paint which professional painters left on my milkglass windows as they didn't tape them off. GRRR. Extremely difficult to clean milkglass from oilbased paint residue).

inside after

We had a new shower installed last week and the old bath tub taken out. The shower is there already, but the glass cabin has to come this week. We already had replaced the old sink and laundry cabinet beneath it, for a new one and this week replaced the modern handles on the cabinet of nice vintage pewter porcelain ones. The shower also got a non-slip tile floor.
I am sooo sorry I can't find pictures of our horrible shower from before. This is a kibbutz house and the kibbutz decides what goes in etc so we didn't have much choice when we moved in 17 years ago. Our shower is also extremely small. 1.75 meters by 1.70 meters square for a shower, sink and toilet and just 2 meters high! We chose the smallest sink/cabinet in store but we still had to make our door smaller so it could open passing the new sink. Still need to paint the wood of the new door, but it starts to look like a normal shower instead of a camping shower :)

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