Friday, 30 April 2010

2010 week 17 in photos

the fleamarket shabbat crochet table cloth after wash and repairs. I think it looks lovely!

sunday april 25 - the shower cabin is installed.

Patchoulie next to the front garden. The kittens are 8 months old now.

Miley in the frontgarden. Look how she grew! She is one year already!

On sunday april 25 Sarai went on her yearly schooltrip to the Judean desert. Yael went on her schooltrip on monday april 26th to the Golan heights. They both returned yesterday thurseday April 29, exhausted and hungry :) They showered and ate and slept for 12 hours. Michal left yesterday with her sailingclass for a 4 day sailingtrip to Cyprus and will return coming sunday. So it was a very quiet week without the kids at home! Tuesday afternoon I went to Haifa to my favorite one dollar store that has a nice collection of Plaid art- and scrapsupplies to restock :) Wednesday evening we bought a new stove, well second hand really but never used. I hope we get it installed soon. Today my mom came over to celebrate hubbies birthday with us at home. Next saturday we"ll celebrate it with the family as Michal is back from Cyprus.

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