Monday, 26 April 2010

Family treasures

We don't have many items passed from generation to generation in our family. Hubbies family died almost completely in the holocaust. His parents where children during Worldwar 2, born in Israel already, where their young parents had escaped to without any belongings.
I emigrated to Israel when I was 25 in the eighties. I wasn't interested than in any antiques or old stuff that had belonged to my parents or theirs. Subsequently when my mom also emigrated she sold most of her stuff in the old country.
So the few items I DID bring along than, are now, almost 25 years later very precious to me! Showing you some here :)

This is a coffeepot, sugarbowl and creamer from my greatgrandmother. It's not valuable in money, but of great sentimental value. It's C&K Tiel Holland 1715 stamped, and it's nickel on pewter or something. The tray is from the same set, but she bought it seperately from the set. I think the coffee-set is Art Nouveau/Jugendstil.
It belonged to my greatgrandmother who probably got it as a wedding present around 1910. This is her and my greatgrandfather below. They both died before I was born, somwhere in the fifties.

photocopy of a very waterdamaged photo of my greatgrandparents

coffee-set around 1910.

and this is a brooch of my grandmother Elsina (1914), who also died before I was born and who's name I got. She was just 44 when she died in 1959. The brooch is silverplate and from the thirties. She bought or got it as an engagement present around 1932-1934.

my grandmother and grandfather's wedding portrait, 1934

the brooch, around 1930.


Shirley1md said...

Thank you so much for sharing your history and past generations with us!It is beautiful and I love the pictures so much!

Nellie said...

Wat leuk is dat zeg, dat je dat koffiestel nog hebt.
Het ziet er nog prima uit!
En die foto's: schitterend!