Friday, 23 April 2010


I still need to scrap my week 15 [last week] and week 16 [this past week] and hopefully get them up soon. Today I started week 17 with a visit to Yaffo's fleamarket. This is a 1.5 hour drive, so we don't do this often. But it was fun! We left at 7.00 this morning and arrived around 14.00 back home, sunburned and tired :)

Antiques are much more expensive in Israel than in Holland. Most porcelain is Israeli made and therefore vintage but never antique, as the country was founded only in 1948 and many of the Jewish immigrants came from war-torn Europe without any belongings. English china is quite rare and a single wedgewood transferware plate goes for 30-40 shekels (ten dollars), while a complete transferware service in Holland could cost you no more than 30 euros! (40 dollars). I saw at a fleamarket in Holland a complate red transferware tea-service for six, for 35 euros and a green transferware dinnerservice for 8 persons for 30 euros (40 dollar).

Yaffo (Tel Aviv)

to the fleamarket sign

and this is what I found!

a huge shabbat crochet table cloth for 2,5 dollars

A set of 14 embroidered napkins, 6 smaller lunch and 8 large dinner napkins. This was more expensive and costed 10 dollars, but they are lovely, no stains or spots or tears.

and this silverplate sugarbowl for 7 dollars. It has a glass insert.

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Amanda said...

Elsina, you have such an interesting life! You travel to such beautiful places- places I have dreamed of visiting. And the flea market finds are great!!! We have great ones here in Georgia and Texas! Beautiful home, too!