Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Treasures from Holland

Last week we returned from our ten day visit to the Netherlands.
Of course we had to bring cheese, drop, stroopwafels and other goodies for family and friends from Holland, but we also brought home some souvenirs :)
We took this cute breadbasket with the Delfts blue, but our cats took it over, so no bread use here anymore LOL

than I got these mugs. I am crazy for mugs. Can't have enough of them and as hubby and/or the cats break at least one a week, I always got an excuse to bring some home from my trips :)

and I also love pillows and brought these two home.

in the fishing village of Marken I found this lovely store of this sweet lady where we bought woolen hats as it was so cold!! She also had these beautiful pieces of traditional costume fabric and I bought a few! Wish I had bought more.

Isn't she beautiful in her traditional costume? Posing here with the kids.

I also got some craft supplies of course (paper, ribbons, punches, stickles etc.) which are very hard to find here in Israel and very expensive.

It was hard to visit antique stores as the kids found it boring, but I did manage to sneak to a fleamarket for an hour or so, until they were all protesting so loud that we left. I did manage to find a few nice things, but was so frustrated I couldn't take anything large. There was a beautiful green transferware dinner service (complete) for 30 euros (40 dollars) and a complete red transferware thea service for 35 euros (50 dollars) inside a large wicker basket! No way I could have taken that with me in the plane handluggage back home or even send it from there. Sigh. Such a dinner service would go here in Israel for 2000 shekels (500-600 dollars), IF you can find it.
I bought a lovely porcelain candleholder at the fleamarket for one euro! Sadly one of the kids dropped the bag I had packed it in, so it didn't survive. Here are some of my finds that made it home though.

Love the little Myot creamer! It was only 2 euros! (3 dollar).

and these two came as a pair for 7 euros together (around 9 dollars). They are originals. Might not be everybody's taste, but I love the winterscene as I miss those snowy winters from Holland here in Israel :)


Michelle Palmer said...

Such wonderful treasures... that is something one of our kitty paws would do~
Made me smile!
Hope you have a sweet & sunny day~

Pierelantijntjes said...

Hoi Elsina,
Dank je voor je reactie op mijn give away. Dat klinkt als een heerlijke vakantie in Holland. En wat jammer dat je geen grote dingen mee kan nemen he? Wat een verschil in prijs voor zo'n servies. Dan is het dubbel jammer.
Ik vind je schilderijtjes ook prachtig hoor.
Ik vind het heel erg leuk om je te gaan volgen.
Lieve groet uit Holland,

Shelly said...

What lovely treasures. Thanks for sharing with us.

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Hello Elsina~
Thank you so much for your kind words and prayers. Its amazing to me how we can make friends from all over the world through blogging! I love it.
p.s.I have a cat that looks just like yours, except mine is huge! I think he weighs 10lbs.