Saturday, 8 May 2010

2010 - week 19 in photos and notes

We had planned a hike in Nazareth yesterday, but because hubby has a bad leg sinse his marathon training a month ago, we canceled it. Instead I cleaned out my craftcorner. Our house is very small and as we had 4 kids sleeping home, there is/was no extra room for work, so the craftcorner is in the corner of my 3.5x4 meter bedroom! Therefore I need to make use of all available space. The old medicin cabinet from the toiletroom had a nice glass-d00r in it and is now in my craftcorner holding all my plaid-paints and stickles. The white chair is for Michal, as sometimes we make layouts or cards there together :) I love my color laser printer, but I hate that it's so bulky. Also the computer screen is very bulky. It's a 23 inch screen, weighing 26 kilos and I am longing for a nice LCD screen, but I told myself I won't replace this one until it dies on me.

After my craftcorner, I cleaned the house to get ready for shabbat. Aren't the roses lovely?

Today we celebrate hubbies 50th birthday (May 1) with the larger family at my inlaws. My brother in law has his 42th birthday (May 8) and it's kind of tradition to celebrate them together.

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