Tuesday, 27 July 2010

By the seaside swap arrived!

Today I received my parcel from the By the seaside swap and it was just awesome seeing the little packets Wendy had put inside. She made these gorgeous bagtoppers for each! There was a gorgeous handmade necklace inside, beautiful tags with vintage bathingsuit ladies, ribbons, stickers, charms, and this beautiful heavenly smelling little pillow!
I am so inspired by the all these handmade goodies by Wendy and the way she packed it and for sure learned a lot from it for my next swap (this was my first ever swap). My photocollage below for sure doesn't do justice to the beautiful items Wendy made! Thank you Wendy! You can find Wendy's inspirational work at her beautiful blog Blissangels.

I like to be beside the seaside SWAP

Furthermore I got a SMS message from Michal she arrived at the Greek isles after two days at sea. She left for 12 days sailing to get her international skipper license.

Remember, there is still time to enter my candy, ending in 4 days!!!!


CraftySmiles said...

Hello. That is a very lovely parcel. She done a fab job .
Hope you enjoyed the swap. xxxx

Parsley said...

Just dropping by to visit a 'sorority sister'. Feel free to visit anytime and help yourself to some tea and cookies over at my blog. God Bless.