Friday, 13 August 2010

2010 - week 32 in notes and mosaic

This week we drove to Afula to look for a cabinet on Jad2 (kind of Israeli craiglist). We bought it for 800 shekels, which is around 250 dollars which is very cheap here in Israel, allthough I could get a pine cabinet in Holland second hand for a 100. In Israel these cabinets (veneer) are imported from Italy and Spain and go usually for 500-700 dollars second hand. Michal (17) drove us, with the yellow "new driver" sign on the backwindow, with hubby sitting next to her (new drivers must have an experienced driver driving with them for the first 3 months) and I sat in the back seat. Quite a change! We will pick the cabinet up in 3 weeks after the high holidays. On the way back I photographed the sunset over the Carmel mountain.

We also had a chance to visit the one dollar store in Haifa the other day. Well not everything is a dollar there, but there are some nice things. I found a ceramic paper napkin holder for 60 cents, red gingham paper napkins for 50 cents and a red enamel Colander for 9 dollars. Not cheap, but cute. Looks a bit Dutch to me, but made in China hehehe. The red blanket I had bought at Ikea last month.

Than this week my peacoat arrived. I won a J. Crew ladies woolen peacoat at Ebay for 39 dollars and I love it! I can't get a peacoat in Israel and I wanted one for ages! It's still 35 Celcius/100 F here but I am ready for winter!!!

Today I continued cleaning out the attic. I decided to take down 2 carton boxes every friday until the attic is empty, as I can't up there anymore (see my post last friday). This week I found a very vintage fan! This ventilator belonged to my inlaws. The story is my father in law was looking for a fan in the stores and just than his wife went into labour and the hospital couldn't reach him. That's how they always remembered they bought it in july 1963 (my sister in law, who passed away a couple of years back because of MS and I were born in the same month and year). When hubby and I got married, the fan came to us, because the inlaws had airconitioning by now. We moved the fan to the attic when we got kids, as vintage fans don't have the protection like modern fans and we were afraid the kids would stick the hands inside. So it came down again, 47 years old. I cleaned it,  plugged it in and it worked!

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Bev said...

I love your peacoat and all the red things you put together in the mosiac photo. I love the red things too! I'm really into red with white dots now! We have a line coming to the store from Moda called Bliss that is red and turquoise! Imagine what we can make with that. Talk to you soon!

Cheery wave from